Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center - Boracay

  • Investors sign a Purchase Agreement to acquire a Preferred Stock Share from Fuente Triangle Realty Development Corporation representing a specific Condotel Unit.
  • Upon full payment of Unit, Investors will receive a fully-paid Preferred Stock Share certificate.
  • Preferred Stock Share certificate can only be resold when Unit is fully paid.

Purchase Agreement:

The Condotel Unit purchase agreement for is irrevocable upon signing. A reservation deposit of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php100,000.00), payable to Fuente Triangle Realty Development Corporation, is required upon signing. The balance is subject to the agreed terms of payment to be completed within thirty (30) days. Cash payments are also given thirty (30) days to complete.

Failure to meet final payment at the time agreed upon in the Purchase Agreement results to the forfeiture of the deposit made unless acceptable arrangements are agreed upon.